quinta-feira, 23 de maio de 2013

Church x Homo

The place where there are more gays in the world, is in the church, everyone knows. There are also pedophiles, mass murderers and criminals many who helped Hitler, Mussolini, were ahead of the Crusades, burned people alive, supported dictatorships, tyrannies, sale of indulgences, forgive murderers, but not forgive gays, and occasionally, oppose to personal matters. If a guy likes another or like cat, dog, donkey, etc., that's his problem. If God forbid, that God punishes! But fly up managers God to bring order to the will of others, is a most shameful act that homosexuality itself. God has no attorney to anyone, and if it came to the earth today, I think his first act would be to punish all who use his name to make money, far greater sin, in view of the law, it is larceny!

PS: Excuse any spelling error.